• Earlier we went through all the steps necessary in order to download all the tools we would need to set up a virtual server and Drupal site in a pre-configured environment through vagrant. Now we are going to take a look at how we can customize that set up to exactly how we would like.

  • If you are entering into the AcquiaU program or just happen to be starting down the Drupal path on your own then there is a good chance that you are using Acquia Dev Desktop for your local site installations.

  • Week four marked the first of two working holiday breaks with AcquiaU. This is the first time for us as a group that we will be split up but still working together. Some traveling and others just mixing it up by working from home or the office.

  • Back when I first came across Drupal, one of the main points that kept me involved with it was the open source nature of the Drupal platform. Even more appealing was the community driving the progression of Drupal.

  • Two weeks have passed and Acquia has decided that we are ready to take on our first real challenge. The rebuilding of the current AcquiaU website. Originally built by the first AcquiaU class to come through, the site (much like the original AcquiaU students) is old and outdated.

  • One of the driving forces in making the decision to apply for AcquiaU was the fact that although I was accumulating a lot of "book" knowledge", I didn't know what those next steps to take were.

  • Walking into the doors of Acquia for the first time was quite intimidating for me. I was accepted into the AcquiaU program purely as a Drupal hobbyist and with absolutely no professional background in web development.

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