Setting up your Local Development Environment ( A guide for Ubies ) Part 2

Earlier we went through all the steps necessary in order to download all the tools we would need to set up a virtual server and Drupal site in a pre-configured environment through vagrant. Now we are going to take a look at how we can customize that set up to exactly how we would like.

Setting up your Local Development Environment ( A guide for Ubies ) Part 1

If you are entering into the AcquiaU program or just happen to be starting down the Drupal path on your own then there is a good chance that you are using Acquia Dev Desktop for your local site installations. Acquia Dev Desktop is a great tool and probably one of the quickest ways to get a Drupal site up and running on your local machine. Eventually though you will most likely reach a point where you wish to have more control and ability to customize your development environment.

Joining a new Community (Part One)

Back when I first came across Drupal, one of the main points that kept me involved with it was the open source nature of the Drupal platform. Even more appealing was the community driving the progression of Drupal. It only takes a few moments on Drupal.org to see the large number of user contibuted modules and themes to expand Drupal. I saw myself many years down the road as one of the many contributors to Drupal. Maybe a custom module or theme, maybe someday if I got really good at programming, a patch to Drupal core.


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