Hi, my name is John Cunningham, some may know me as DoctorFirepants and those close to me know me as JohnnyFirepants. Just to clarify, I'm not really a doctor, it's an honorary title and no I'm not a liar liar either. I'd like to take a second and welcome you to my blog. If you have found it then it is probably because you have an interest in Drupal and/or web development in general. Perhaps you are like me, who really enjoys the the idea of a career in those fields but just didn't know how to go about doing it. Up until recently I was a self learner. Seeking out tutorials all over the web and though I was gaining a lot of knowledge I just didn't know how to apply that knowledge in a real world setting. That was until I stumbled across AcquiaU, an internal training program put on by Acquia. A bridge for people like me who are trying to make that next step from beginner to professional.

In this blog I'm going to attempt to capture what life is like for me while in the AcquiaU program. First though I am going to have to apologize. At no point in my life have I ever claimed to be a great writer and if you stick it out through my blog I'm sure you will come to the same conclusion. Also, this site will be a continuous work in progress, so depending on when you visit the site it may seem a little bit lacking. Hopefully, both of these issues will improve in time (though I make no promises about my writing, 33 years and it hasn't changed much since third grade so I don't see much hope there).

So maybe a little bit of information on the AcquiaU program itself. Well if you have spent anytime with Drupal then you most likely already know the Acquia name. This is a 14 week Acquia onsite program designed to expose the participants to a professional Drupal experience. Just to make it clear, this is not a bootcamp and on the same hand it is not an internship. While in the program you are a full on paid Acquia employee. Think of it as more of a really in depth on the job training session. The program is split with the first half being devoted to Drupal training and the second half being devoted to rotating through working positions within Acquia. The first half is currently being led by Mike Anello, a Acquia partner and lead instructor of DrupalEasy Academy in Titusville, Florida. Check out this video of Mike from last years DrupalCon to get an idea of what he is all about. The Drupal training is quite comprehensive and during this time there is quite a bit of Acquia training going on as well so regardless of skill level you will be challenged.

So what is my goal for this blog? Well I'm hoping that if there are others out there that find themselves in a similar situation that I was in, they can use this as a kind of guide. Maybe help them decide if a career in Drupal or Acquia is right for them. Maybe they might be interested in becoming a future AcquiaU member themselves. No matter what I hope this blog can be of some use to you in imparting information as I continue down my own path.

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