Christmas with Acquia in Week Four

Week four marked the first of two working holiday breaks with AcquiaU. This is the first time for us as a group that we will be split up but still working together. Some traveling and others just mixing it up by working from home or the office. During this time we are still expected to work together in our teams for the rebuilding of the AcquiaU website as well as working individually on our own personal projects. This is the time where we really start putting the SCRUM practices into use in order to make sure we are all accountable for our duties. This is also a great experience gaining opportunity for all of us since many production teams are often scattered just as we are now and we are learning how to overcome the obstacles that that type of situation produces while still remaining cohesive as a group. Which reminds me, I don't think I ever mentioned who the members of my group actually were:

Adding to the challenge of working scattered about is the fact that we all have fairly different backgrounds, different approaches to how we handle problems as they arise, and while all of us have some kind of background with drupal, none of us have any real experience using it in a team environment. Not only are we having to learn drupal and production skills, but we are having to learn how to listen and talk to one another in a productive manner. Of course, this difference in background also presents an advantage for every single one of us. With drupal, you often find that there are many ways to do the same thing. Being able to see different perspectives on approaching the same problem allows us to grow as drupalists.

All in all though, this week has offered a refreshing slower pace for us. The structured curriculum is on hold over the holiday period allowing us to determine how we wish to use the time in the day. As a team, being able to decide on our own pace and course helps us learn to work together. As individuals we have time to soak in everything that has been thrown at us the past few weeks, and there is a lot there to take in.


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